Do you run a business where your employees need uniforms? Then you know the frustration and hassle that comes with trying to manage the process - from ordering to sizing. Trying to manage inventory, distribution and budgets all add up to additional expenses.

That's why Triple Stitch made sure that our online uniform ordering process was quick, simple, easy and direct. 

We'll help you cut out the unnecessary parts of the process to make your uniform management program more efficient. Triple Stitch will set up an online store for your company where users can have a budgeted amount of credit to order uniforms on their own. 

  • No stocking of uniforms
  • No managing or maintaining inventory
  • Control the uniforms offering to ensure a consistent look and feel of your employees and your brand
  • Easy order access
  • User managed
  • Credits programs for cost sharing uniform programs
  • Custom messages, notifications, product selections, etc.

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